Is Healthy Love In Bloom? The Importance of Being Picky When Dating This Spring

Originally Posted on March 19, 2013

The importance of being a little finicky in your dating track record to stay on your path to optimal health:Spring is here, people are out and about, and for many, love is in the air and in bloom.

Today I offer advice to make smart choices in love of yourself and potentially falling for some charming somebody you meet or even already know.

Be careful in the company you keep!

Warning: We’ve all been there. That poor influence of an opposite sex friend may just become your significant other without your even realizing it, and there you are.

How to Avoid:

Act with intention to be the best you can be and be with the best person for you and your best self.

Surround yourself with someone who SUITS your desires, your goals, and compliments who you are/want to become.

Take your time in determining if that person fits your goals and I recommend not taking too long in deciding whether they are against your personal goals- if they are. Move on and enjoy time with your friends and development of your own interests and goals. Have fun with it:)

F.L.Y., is Prana’s mantra, First Love Yourself


Step outside of your comfort zone and actually bond with yourself. You’ll be surprised all the cool stuff you learn about you!

If you can’t be happy with being alone with yourself, you wont be happy with anyone else.

Find time to get to know who you really are so that you may seek other people who compliment you and want a life and make life choices which make YOU a better person… and vice versa! You need to be a compliment to them as well.

Seek Only A Reflection Of Your Goals and Healthy Intentions:
You CANNOT change a person. Don’t try to fix someone elses damage- you’ll quickly learn that not only will you pour wasted energy into them, you’ll have likely wreaked havoc on your own wellness. Seek health and healthy people.

As someone interested in quality as company… pick who you go out with now carefully because it is a reflection of what and whom you wish to become.

If you find yourself becoming attached quickly to one person. Don’t sell yourself short. Refrain from putting all your eggs in one basket.

Date quality only… learn to be happy on your own and spend time with those who deserve your time.

If you feel lonely, set standards of whom you surround yourself by. Sometimes we spend time with toxic friends out of a sense of obligation or boredom. Learn whom fits you today, and keep those toxic friends at bay. It’s okay to take care of you by surrounding yourself with those who suit your goals now.

Meet new people who fit that scenario of acceptable standards.. .in places those kinds of people will flourish in.

For instance, go to the wall climbing gym or to yoga to find healthy minds. Hang out at Whole Foods and telework to find other entrepreneurs. Go to industry networking events. Hit up coffee shops, art exhibits, and express yourself in your hobbies. Skip the bar for date hunting. Go to the bar with your friends to catch up if that’s your usual hang out.

Get Off Mouse Wheel & Find Your Path:
You can orchestrate a way to have the life you want with the kind of person you want.. you can also orchestrate a concert of corrosion in your life by following an unhealthy pattern and neglecting to bond with yourself. Do take time to learn who you really are… what and who you really want rather than continuing on the mouse wheel.

If you spend too much time in bars and at Happy Hour, and little time alone, stop now and get creative!

Start a new path and stop the corrosion of your own life by communing with damaged people… get it together and heal thy self- learn your own colorful palette that is so unique to everyone elses in the world and express it!

How to find a healthy happy person too? Be one:

If healthy happy people want to join forces with someone these people want to be with someone who is also a healthy happy person.

Unafraid of being alone, they are self aware, and actively refrain from letting the damaged in … It’s the law of attraction. You attract what you are! What are you going to set out to become and attract for yourself?

The Mouse Wheel of the Unproductive Life:


If you self perpetuate an unhealthy existence by going out with just about every pretty face that shows interest in you… you are not doing yourself any favors. You are the prize. Let yourself be courted by quality suitors. If you’re the suitor, focus on quality. If you always go for low hanging fruit, guess what you’re going to attract.

How to Begin Pattern Change:

Check out the pretty face in the mirror and begin to get to know it a little better first. Learn what you need and work to achieve that first. When you truly feel happy spending quality time with your beautiful self… you’ll know what you want, identify priorities, and find yourself surprisingly pickier with whom you choose to commune with! NOT a bad thing.

The Law of Attraction In Dating:

Healthy people tend to attract healthy people (there is the occassional energy vampire who seeks healthy people to wreak havoc upon.. perhaps they simply want to consume some of that good positive energy as a personal resource, who knows).

Healthy people tend not to be attracted to those who don’t fit health into their own lives and seem to lack self awareness… like Sweet Brown says, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

The Bottom Line:

Start attracting what you want by first becoming what you want. Seek balance. Seek Self Awareness. Step outside of your comfort zone. Get Results.

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Good stuff here. People outside of yoga and spirituality will not get some of the subtle inferences but perhaps they need to step out of their comfort zone and reach for a higher understanding of life and it’s purpose.

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