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An Apple A Day Doesn’t Keep The Doctor Away

It has been said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Commercialization of produce development has evolved from wild varietals filled with healthy phytonutrition with powerful medicinal effects in the body to high sugar nutritionally deplete versions today (developed

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Simple Life-Mapping Methods

DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR LIFE NOW. Life Mapping (Def.)- A life map is a simple tool or activity which helps a person to analyze his or her life and plan for the future in a visionary way. It is basically

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A Sample Self-Guided Home Meditation Practice With 4 Meditation Styles

Click Here: Overview of Meditation_TM_Prana2014 A SAMPLE SELF/LED GUIDANCE: 1. Body Scan and systematic mental relaxation of individual body parts moving from parts as small as your toe nail and toes to ear lobes and scalp, spending extra time on places

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Why Our DC Dating Pool Is Smaller Than Previously Thought

It seems everywhere; not just in Washington, DC expectations are excessive in dating life. Other options are indulged and explored on the side with far too little commitment in today’s couples. It’s no surprise couples part ways and return to

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