A Sample Self-Guided Home Meditation Practice With 4 Meditation Styles


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1. Body Scan and systematic mental relaxation of individual body parts moving from parts as small as your toe nail and toes to ear lobes and scalp, spending extra time on places where you notice and find tension, discomfort, or ailing sensation.

Side note: You can also work on breathing in as as slowly as possible and out as slowly as possible during this part, additionally working with light, visualizing filling your cells with light while relaxing your physical self.

2. Working with healing white light which you may visualize as anything that comes to you.  Feel the light penetrate your cell structure and become your cell structure. Your cell structure becomes the light too. You and light are the same, as you are the light which surrounds you, and you’re inside a bubble or orb of light which you can choose to expand. Send more light to and begin to FEEL warmth in the light’s presence where you need healing.  If emotional, in the heart, and at the same time if you find layers, peel them away to open your heart. Literally visualizing peeling away layer after layer, even if you don’t get to  the heart in THIS meditation…. You will. Notice how that changes things in life.

3. Types of Meditation

A. Concentrative:

You can use a mantra here. I often use “Om Namah Shivaya” (To become one’s optimal most ultimate self), and sometimes I say over and over in my mind:
“My past gives me wisdom
My future gives me hope
My presence gives me strength”

very simple but effective… your brain will know what to do with itJ

B. Reflective:

Something “unfinished” processing in your mind/heart. FOCUS IN ON IT and STAY with it until you KNOW you’re processing it effectively. When you are finished working with it, thank your heart for being open to a painful/confusing/uncomfortable/humiliating/(any other emotional response you want to overcome) experience and for going through it, and for being strong enough to pull you through it. Ask it to be strong and fully process this experience so that you may effectively continue on your path.

C. Receptive:

Await the FIRST thing that comes into focus. When it does, capture it. Focus in on it, whether it’s the owl, a color, a snap shot visual of a deceased pet, your grandmother, a tree, a bunny rabbit ^-^

D. Generative:

More of what we have been working on. Visualizations of auras, light, purging negative thoughts out whether by breathing them out, visualizing scenery, optimal self, goals, questions, insight, more of what we’ve been working on already, like today with the pines and rocky landscape hike and resting. Notice beings, and any insights they have for you- they’re usually there for support love and guidance I find, and sometimes a warning- not everything in life is positive, nor in meditation!! Some meditations of mine have been downright screwed up and scary:/ but c’est la vie, and the wackiness of the minds’ power to ‘share’ with the conscious what it needs to say and do.

4. Working with energy/spirit/universe to connect, ask for grounding or for answers and insight, protection, fortification of your own spirit and begin to enclose your own energy field with the energy of loving caring beings who support you, whether alive, deceased, part of another world, godly, or anything else that is a support to you- pull them all in to protect you and ask them to stay with you even after meditation. And… to block out negative energy from penetrating your energy field. Meditators can adopt negative energy easily. You have to close your chakras (energy fields’ centers).

5. Come out of meditation just as slowly as you went in, in reverse. Notice the breath, notice your heart rate. Notice your sensations. SLOWLY return to consciousness- a rapid return can lead to imbalanced energy, so actively return with balance of entering… rest a moment and reflect. Write things down that you take away from your meditation if you have time. It can be quite insightful but don’t expect to remember everything- this was your subconscious and conscious connecting, and some retreats back to the subsconscious realm of the mind but the conscious mind carries with it the new insight to go about the day.


A Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Certified Health Coach With an Integrative Realistic Approach to Wellness Through Whole Life Transition. Coaching, Intervention, Juicing and Nutrition Programs for Healthful Living. Mind-Body-Spirit, Integrative Healing, Biofeedback, Meditation, Self Regulation.

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