Simple Life-Mapping Methods


Life Mapping (Def.)- A life map is a simple tool or activity which helps a person to analyze his or her life and plan for the future in a visionary way. It is basically a road map.

  • A Memory Wake Up.
  • A Tool to Unstick.
  • A method of strategic digging into self awareness to detect cues for one’s life path and next steps.

We use Life Mapping to identify and set forth wheels in motion toward goal achievement. There are lots of home exercises and meditations to achieve true vision and affirm goals. In my work, I assist individuals and couples in the clarification of true vision and life mapping, in addition to intimately personal Vision Board development. The rest takes a life of its own and vision unfolds into actualization.

Please see this sample presentation outlining Life Mapping for a clear idea of what this means: LifeMapping


A Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Certified Health Coach With an Integrative Realistic Approach to Wellness Through Whole Life Transition. Coaching, Intervention, Juicing and Nutrition Programs for Healthful Living. Mind-Body-Spirit, Integrative Healing, Biofeedback, Meditation, Self Regulation.

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