Protecting Integrity of Life Matters Close to the Heart: “Don’ts” of Social Media

albert-einstein-on-energy-physics-and-the-law-of-attractionThe heart of social media output is outward expression of inner awareness. You start a new relationship, you get a divorce, you have a baby, you get engaged, you go on vacation, you buy a car, you get a new job, you have a fight with your boyfriend, you post a lyric or a quote that reminds you of so and so (and you hope they’re so vain they know this song is about them), and you do it all for the sake of expression. Have you scrolled through your news feed this morning? I bet you rolled your eyes at least twice, smiled a few times, and laughed at a meme or two (lol = click like and laugh on the inside while scrolling scrolling scrolling some more).

The heart of social media reaction is projection.

When we read through our newsfeed, depending on our general mood or our own circumstances dictates how we respond and the energy we exude as a result directly toward posts and posters of posts.

Someone posts a double selfie. It’s of them and their significant other, and they’re holding the camera up with a beautiful sunset behind them, in the DR, on the beach, both of them tanned, covered in coconut oil, in their bathing suits, and got just the right shot of sharing a kiss.

How do you react if: You yourself  just broke up, are getting separated, or had a fight with a significant other: how are you going to feel about the picture? You’ll probably skip by, or think in your mind “Dislike. Why do people post this crap? No one wants to see that. And you’re filled with contempt for someone else’s expression of love.” A few may truly still quite enjoy seeing someone else’s successful love life, but likely not many.

OR alternatively:

YOU are totally in love, just got back from Prague with your significant other, and have a similar photo except it’s of you two standing in the square with a bouquet of flowers, mid Spring, shopping for local trinkets to bring back to family, and sufficiently love drunk and slightly also vodka drunk, also sharing a kiss with the camera held up for your double selfie? THEN how do you react? “LIKE! You’ll likely react with empathetic happiness to see that others feel similarly and know the joy you feel in your life. You may even think “I wish more people would share their happiness and success in love! People need to see that love is real!” Again, another small population of folks may simply be contempt filled in nature and still feel “meh- why do people post such private details of their lives?”

Now, let’s consider the nature of the energy of our society transcending through space, time, in synchronicity, (i.e., social media). The psychology of social media in nature often feels characterized by envy, gluttony, and contempt:  negative feelings, in reaction to positive shared experiences. The bigger your network, with fewer truly close friends among your network, the bigger the result of these feelings from your post.

Many of our network only know what we put out there, and if we post constantly about our bragging rights, how do we sound? In turn, what reaction do these posts elicit? Voyeurs are scrolling through Facebook looking for something interesting to comment on “like” and in general be entertained by. Exhibitionists feed voyeurs their need. It’s the perfect ecosystem of personal entertainment.

However, when you involve your personal matters, those closest to your heart, be aware of negative energy, and the real threat of integrity of what you share. You make vulnerable to public consumption everything you post about in public space. Especially when you have a large network, know that your best interests are not always top of mind. Like a tabloid magazine, people love to see a good train wreck. When you post photos of your children, your family, your new beautiful girlfriend, your recent relationship status update stating no longer single, and you tag that person, you’ve just created a new window into your private life for those to look into who really do not care what happens, and are maybe more interested in seeing what drama could possibly happen next, and they’ll watch for it.

It was your first action tagging that special person to you, posting that one post, that created the domino effect of energy into that aspect of your life that you maybe do not want there at all. It’s the double edged sword of social media. While we want to express happiness, the audience, is wondering how long that happy moment will last and they can see something “entertaining” happen. There is a reason tabloid magazines post the worst of the worst in celebrity news, and not happy moments. People wait for drama, and even consciously or not, wish drama onto others for their own entertainment sake. And maybe this is for the younger set, but next time you’re on Facebook, notice when someone breaks up, how a flood of commentary and likes pour in (the more attractive the person, the more “likes”), and notice when someone posts they’re in a new relationship how few “likes” they receive (same correlation).

Evidence of transcendental emotional energy from the heart traveling over space and time goes back to ancient vedic history, from the heart center, brain wave frequencies to others. Not to get to “sciency” on the matter, but when you have a massive audience in the social sphere of Facebook, why harm the integrity of these precious moments in your life by posting about them and letting in a mixture of all kinds of energy? Is it worth it for a moment of sharing?

I’ll offer a couple of my own personal experiences to pull this concept together into real life experience. One professional. One personal.

This transpired in physical form in my wellness business when a group of religious radicals started created fake profiles and threatened if I didn’t stop the teachings of Prana in my wellness business they would send their spiritual leaders and priests to teach me a lesson, and that they can see what events I attend and will see me at the next. It eventually stopped but it was invited in as soon as I put my teachings out there. There are times, we must continue on our path despite threats, and do what we can to protect ourselves. Sometimes, enemies of your philosophy may try to stop you but in this case, my teachings were stronger than the threat and the integrity maintained.

In another incident, I once casually tagged a significant other in a picture from an event I was very proud to attend with this person and wanted to express my joy. I did not know I had a female stalker who had been gathering and interviewing people I know (including my sister and mother) claiming to be an old close concerned friend just trying to get back in touch with me and wanting to know how I am. She even posted on her own wall questions about my personal life for anyone who knows, and then connected with my significant other and unloaded all the gossip she was able to gather, stating again concerned friend wanting to get to know my significant other and get back into my life. I didn’t know her. At all. She went to the same school I went to, and remembered me from a younger class in high school. I blocked her, but it was only after the fact, and left me wondering if Facebook and other social media are really healthy outlets at all for life expression.

Other significant others and friends on Facebook consistently reported that my friends who do not know them at all would friend them from my own network just to be able to have another window in and another “friend” to add to their pile on Facebook. Always awkward.

I am sure there are many stories you could share too speaking to this flaw in our expectation that we can share our wonderful positive experiences and receive an outpouring of love and support- not the reality of social media at all. I recommend to keep personal life personal, and for the real world, and superficial posts superficial, for your social media world.

Energy input can come in good and bad. It’s up to you which parts of your life you want to open up to the public space. How do you decide? Look at the experience you’re considering posting about and ask yourself if you’re willing to let in the bad energy with the good to interfere with it’s integrity.

The bottom line: don’t let your life be a garbage dump of bad juju. Just do what the most popular meme on Facebook tells us to do and “keep calm”, post funny memes, and “carry on”.


A Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Certified Health Coach With an Integrative Realistic Approach to Wellness Through Whole Life Transition. Coaching, Intervention, Juicing and Nutrition Programs for Healthful Living. Mind-Body-Spirit, Integrative Healing, Biofeedback, Meditation, Self Regulation.

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