New Yorkers: Hosts with the Most

So, I’m in New York City, or as the locals call it “in the city” for work, and entered skeptically. 

Well, it seems my skepticism is dissolving itself. We hear that this city will break you out of your comfort zone. True.

Outsiders hear that the city is “hard” and will chew you up and spit you out, not to look other people in the eyes, and certainly don’t speak to strangers. You’d think you were entering a war zone.

Many people go to New York with a vision or a dream simply to live in the city. As a synchronicity following Jungian school of thought loving yogi, I believe in cues and following your path based on the same instinct a wolf uses for survival. We’re still animals.

Like Geese somehow always know when and how to fly North and South, humans have the same instinct. Follow your gut. My gut landed me here with purpose- unintentionally for the most part. 

If you aren’t supposed to be somewhere, no matter what you do, the universe will send you the message- if you don’t pick up the memo and go with it, you find yourself sludging through thick mud to make any sort of progress.

When you pick up on cues and follow them, even in the direction of what’s considered and well-known as “mission impossible” you will thrive.

Finally, people project and see the world as they feel inside. What I mean by “project” is exactly how this sounds.

In our humanity, we have wars, battles, celebrations, and all kinds of “stuff” happening inside. The way we perceive and interact with the world is our projection of what’s happening inside. Our perception and interaction works exactly like a projector that projects what’s on your computer onto a screen. Your mind is the computer, the world is the screen.

That said, here’s my observation of New York so far. Whether you take notice of mostly the bad or the good, hopefully this will remind us all it’s a choice and that like attracts like. “Be the light”, as Rumi said. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, as Mahatma Ghandi suggested. Negativity can eat us like cancer. Positivity is contagious.

My challenge and a challenge I offer you is to decide to receive positive energy and then transcend (send it out) in your daily life, and notice how things begin to transform for you.

IF you’re a skeptic, like me, then this challenge ought to be a fun experiment. Give it a try. The proof is in your results, right?

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

Those who believe Manhattan is filled with hardened people should consider that:

1. People help each other.


I have had offers to help with carrying bags.

Other yogi chicks and both ladies and gentlemen at random pick up one half of my suitcase and walk with me. A boxer guy picked up the whole suitcase and ran it the entire stairway for me.

(Perhaps this is a natural drive to relate and feel connected in a sea of ppl.)

More gentlemen give up seats on the train for women than men who don’t. And open doors- yes in Manhattan. They also wait for you to exit the elevator first. Most of the time. The douchey obtuse guys just stand out more bc they’re behaving like Neanderthals.

2. Strangers compliment each other’s clothing choices and high five each other on the street without missing a beat. For no reason at all.


3. At least half a dozen good mornings on the way to the office not just in my hood but Midtown too.

This morning a man said “hola!” I said “hi!” He said again “hola!” I said “hola” – he smiled and went back to his work.

4. Parking is scarce and other people looking for parking, where there is room for two cars and both need a spot, are likely to work together to fit both cars- parking scarcity is real.


5. Shop & restaurant owners and managers sometimes give away things on the house- just because.


6. People at work are professional and help each other more often than people are dog eat dog (at least in my field).


Yes- you have bad folks, but that’s everywhere.

Here, you have both like anywhere else. Both are easy to see due to highly condensed population in a vertical city. We decide for ourselves what we choose to ignore and what we celebrate by giving attention.Image


A Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Certified Health Coach With an Integrative Realistic Approach to Wellness Through Whole Life Transition. Coaching, Intervention, Juicing and Nutrition Programs for Healthful Living. Mind-Body-Spirit, Integrative Healing, Biofeedback, Meditation, Self Regulation.

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2 comments on “New Yorkers: Hosts with the Most
  1. Jennifer says:

    Amen 😉

  2. Will says:

    In my experience, New Yorkers give zero f*cks about your education and pedigree, but we do talk about work — because there is an implicit understanding that if you’ve bought the NYC Admission Ticket of high rent and long working hours, you must be chasing some Big Career Dream that can’t be captured anywhere else. The other half of us are here for love, likely because our partners are chasing that Big Career Dream. Either way, we’re curious about what each other’s glue is that’s keeping us here. And while we don’t discuss actual news, you will not find a city better informed of the latest Gawker or BuzzFeed gossip, the sharing of which instantly bonds even the strangest of strangers into friends unlike any other topic, except for maybe kvetching about sky-high rent, bad weather and the overwhelming rise in strollers in our once-hip neighborhoods. And, for what’s it worth, these seemingly meaningless interactions carry more weight and depth than any political conversation I’ve ever had in the District of Columbia.

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