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Organic Food Products as Natural Beauty and Anti-Aging Skin Care: I used to buy all those expensive products too!

So, I used to buy those expensive tonics and creams. All those chemical loaded skin care products were burning a hole in my purse and being just as harsh on not just my skin but also my bloodstream, as chemicals

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No Poo, Shampoo Free Diet: better for YOU, your wallet, animals as test subjects, and the environment.

 Let’s discuss hair products. There are several reasons we use them. To make our hair look fabulous and shiny. To make it stay in place, and to make sure it’s clean. Do we need it? Furthermore, would our hair be

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Your Body Needs You to Listen, and Speak Out

  Please read my sister’s words after two emergency surgeries. The link to her blog is below this excerpt from her blog: “Trying to do the Right Thing.  I feel great and I eat well, but I like to have

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