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Daring yogini gets ridiculed by other “yogis” as ‘Crazy’ on FB. My response:

Rachelle of NYC, a lifestyle coach practicing yoga on a high beam. Someone on Facebook asked if she’s crazy because of it. My sister tagged me, and of course, I had to give it my focus for a few minutes and try to help change some negative speak happening. And while I wouldn’t do this myself, I have done other “crazy” things that would elicit a similar response. Only because my comfort zone and someone else’s are as unique as we are individuals… read on..

There will ALWAYS be background noise as you live your fullest life potential. Someone out there is going to call you “crazy” for any range of things you do. Let it be evidence you’re making your mark. Ignore the static and keep living YOUR life! There will always be a panel of judges but stay the path and stay strong and you will leave your legacy:

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Dietary Advice for Seasonal Eating: Autumn Harvest

15 Fall Foods

Ever notice how as Autumn arrives we get an uncontrollable liking for pungent salty heavier foods, like root vegetables, awesome in Chili and soups; butternut squash soup, and vegetable soups? How much are you craving blueberries and cucumbers right now?

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