When and IF You Get the Flu Shot- What you should know:

When getting the flu shot (if you decide to get one), perhaps your doctor does not provide you the critical information about the pros and cons. Here you’ll be able to inform yourself to make the most informed decision.

While it is my hope and prayer you are blessed with a doctor as informative and as wonderful as mine, it is possible your doctor leaves out certain critical information you’d like to know before you vaccinate, from the pamphlet about risks associated with getting the vaccination.

Heck, even my cat’s veterinarian is integrative; because Apollo is a house cat he refuses to vaccinate him stating the standard vaccinations  are directly linked to Feline Leukemia, so know that great doctors are out there.

(As a data and medical scientific holistic health coach, I’ve connected with and follow excellent preferred doctors from New York to Beverly Hills, so please reach out if ever you need a good referral)

Study these snap shots. It’s always a good thing to question and analyze.

Make an informed decision before putting anything in your body, including vaccinations.

Ask your doctor for more information about side effects, possible complications, ingredients, and weigh benefits versus the downside of receiving the flu shot.
Flu shot info








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