10 Post Op Questions for After Gallbladder Surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy)

1. Why isn’t there a one size fits all diet for after surgery? Apple sauce doesn’t even work for me. And I’m always feeling hungry. Is that normal?

2. Why does the pain strike mostly in the morning and night?

3. Why does the ghost of gallbladder past still kick you where it hurts (at the incision point) a week or longer after surgery?

4. Why does it feel as though a new pain arises after so much healing progress has been made, i.e., shoulder pain, back pain, side pain, radiating, and made worse after walking.

5. Why do doctors say “Start for one month on a low fat diet and then try new foods and see how it goes”, when we all want to avoid having to go the trial and error route- think about how this could go when on a date, with colleagues, or friends, and an attack strikes.

6. Why hasn’t someone invented a comforting compress to hold in our sides as we venture out post-op? We instead schlep around with one hand on our right side pressing things in place as we go around.

7. Why are we so sensitive to temperature changes during an attack, and after surgery?

8. Does anyone else have ear ringing (Tinnitus) that started during their gallbladder attack and has lasted after surgery? If so, does anyone know a definitive reason why?

9. How is it that the first few days post-op are so debilitating we need pain medication to sleep. Then we notice progress, and then a whole new set of pain sets in. What are all of these weird new sensations of pain?

10. How exactly can we absorb all of the additional air that was blown into our abdomens? Is there a supplement or type of food that helps to dissipate the gas?

A Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Certified Health Coach With an Integrative Realistic Approach to Wellness Through Whole Life Transition. Coaching, Intervention, Juicing and Nutrition Programs for Healthful Living. Mind-Body-Spirit, Integrative Healing, Biofeedback, Meditation, Self Regulation.

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