Gallbladder Surgery Healing Essentials Survival Kit

First things you’ll need immediately post surgery according to my
RN of 30 years mother who helped me settle in:

1. Colase Stool Softener, to take daily 1-2 x day
2. Neproxen anti-inflammatory 1 x day
3. Advil, bedside to wean off pain meds
4. Case or bottled water, bedside
5. Loads of jello and apple sauce
6. Everything essential you’ll need within reach from bed
7. Everything above 5 lbs OUT of reach (don’t lift it for several weeks)
8. A strategy of weaning yourself off pain medicine, first halfing your dose,
and/or replacing the dose with according to my nurse mom 3 Advil.
9. Pillows to tuck by your sides to protect in sleep and someone available if
possible, to help lift you out and up from bed without activating your core
10. Taking inhaled and exhaled deep breaths to prevent Pneumonia

Other helpful essentials I recommend as a certified holistic health coach:

1. A pile of pillows to strategically position *one for each side. One for under-knees support
2. Eye mask for darkness/ear plugs for noise/white noise machine/app, for rest
3. A scarf to compress your side, or purchase a compress from here:
Here’s the homemade demo clasped with flower clip
(can be made more discreet for going outside the home)


4. Papaya digestive enzymes. Here are the benefits.
5. A high quality probiotic
6. Aloe vera juice with wheatgrass, pH balanced water, coconut water
7. TRY some small amounts of salmon or other baked or boiled lean protein
8, CoQ10 and multi-vitamin (to take with food)
9. Vitamin E Oil topically for the scars
10. If you have an infection Oil of Oregano, three drops under
the tongue (a natural powerful anti-biotic)
(alternate with probiotic as it will remove good bacteria you’ll need to replace)

Bonus Ideas:
1. For some Apple Cider Vinegar shots help pain and digestion.
2. Healing Crystals, Gems, Stones: i.e., Quarts, Jade, etc.
3. Lavender essential oil on your pillow for calming
4. Teas for calming and digestion (ginger, green tea, lemon, chamomile)
5. A basic red spotlight / LED light for healing (light therapy) to regrow Mitochondria
6. The colors green/blue for calming sensation and get rid of yellows or reds that cause tension (color psychology)
7. Add items that mentally inspire healing around your resting space
8. Shoulder massage, self, or by someone else
9. Tennis balls for pressure points between shoulder blades to relieve shoulder pain
10. Warming pad (not too hot)/Ice pack – alternating on the site (if no infection/severe inflammation)


A Holistic Nutrition Consultant & Certified Health Coach With an Integrative Realistic Approach to Wellness Through Whole Life Transition. Coaching, Intervention, Juicing and Nutrition Programs for Healthful Living. Mind-Body-Spirit, Integrative Healing, Biofeedback, Meditation, Self Regulation.

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