No matter whether you live in a holistic paradise or a food desert where options are scarce, clientele learn to access and integrate evidence based holistic wellness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle methods regardless of high stress work and a hectic life.

I have 20 years experience as a meditation practitioner, a myriad of food allergies and sensitivities, a couple of surgeries, and a passion for holistic health and have honed methods to pass on the “know how” to you through biofeedback, healthy behavior and exercises, both mental and physical. Instead of relying on big pharma, I help you learn about herbs, and nutritional health, for personal health optimization. I’ve become avid at helping others navigate personal surroundings to build self improvement practices and habits where previously thought impossible.

Whom do I work with the most? Everyday people who are tired of the status quo and are open and willing to make a change. Some days feel like arts and crafts. Other days feel like hard work. Other days feel like paradigm shifting epitomes. It’s all up to your willingness to help yourself.

Please help yourself to the archived videos section for a sample of offerings. These are just a few of an unlimited number of areas of discussion between clients in individual, clinical, and corporate settings.

To learn more about Prana Living and services offered or to ask questions about your own situation, please visit Prana Living on Facebook, or call me at 202.566-3277. You may also email me at TryPrana@gmail.com.

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