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When and IF You Get the Flu Shot- What you should know:

Flu shot info

When getting the flu shot (if you decide to get one), perhaps your doctor does not provide you the critical information about the pros and cons. Here you’ll be able to inform yourself to make the most informed decision. While

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Ebola versus Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and other STDs

Are you going to contract Ebola? Not likely… STDs from hooking up with more than one person at a time? Fast track to a virus that effects apparently 20-30 million Americans. So, I won a $100 bet this past weekend

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Your Body Needs You to Listen, and Speak Out

  Please read my sister’s words after two emergency surgeries. The link to her blog is below this excerpt from her blog: “Trying to do the Right Thing.  I feel great and I eat well, but I like to have

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An Apple A Day Doesn’t Keep The Doctor Away

It has been said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Commercialization of produce development has evolved from wild varietals filled with healthy phytonutrition with powerful medicinal effects in the body to high sugar nutritionally deplete versions today (developed

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