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Are You Gluten Intolerant? Everything You Need to Know:

AND IF YOU ARE DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW? Learning that gluten was affecting my ability to focus and concentrate was a real wake-up call for me. Discovering that my daughter had Hashimoto’s Disease in which eating gluten can

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Dietary Advice for Seasonal Eating: Autumn Harvest

15 Fall Foods

Ever notice how as Autumn arrives we get an uncontrollable liking for pungent salty heavier foods, like root vegetables, awesome in Chili and soups; butternut squash soup, and vegetable soups? How much are you craving blueberries and cucumbers right now?

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The Ripple Effect of Awareness Mantras for Grounding and Consciousness

In meditation, preferably in the morning, I recommend focusing on one of these phrases and visualizing it’s effect in your life. Set your day to grounding and conscious self awareness. Select one to use all the time that speaks to

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