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Cold Pressed Organic Juicing 101

A workshop on juicing methods, equipment, produce, supplements used, and theory.

“Clay and Castor Oil” for The Gerson Institute’s Gerson Basics Workshop

Learn implications, benefits, precautions and techniques for Clay Pack and Castor Oil Pack application.
Castor Oil Packs- [00:00-00:25:00]
Clay Packs- [00:25:00-00:41:29]

University Of Alabama at Birmingham Meditation Experiment Overview with Instructions & Guided Meditation

Video Elements (1 hour 28 minutes in total. Feel free to break this up in parts to watch but do watch BY the night of Monday March 14, 2016 and log your first journal entry at this time)

Meditation Overview- [00:00– 00:34:00]

Meditation Experiment Details & Instructions- [00:34:00 – 00:42:25]

Part 3: Guided Meditation, minute [00:42:25 – 01:28:14]


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